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  1. Auckland

    A simple design comprising a wide outer pleat, a narrow inner pleat and 2 sets of points breaking the tiers up. Learn More
  2. Teesdale

    One of our largest championship rosettes, consisting of an array of points on luxury heavy satin ribbon. Learn More
  3. Frosterly

    Another top of the range Luxury heavy satin rosette with a mix of Petals, loops and tiers, we expect this designs to be a very popular choice this year. Learn More
  4. Cathedral Rosette

    A smaller version of our Durham Rose without the lace, incorporating small rosebuds, this rosette is produced in a superior quality heavy satin. Learn More
  5. Wolsingham Rosette

    A beautiful rosette available in 2 varieties. Both have two rows of deep pleated satin ribbon and in between either gold or silver loops & tails or luxurious velvet loops & tails. This is an unusual & exciting rosette, bound to be a winner. Learn More
  6. Black Beauty Rosette

    A touch of luxury with broad black velvet loops & gold metallic points with a row of broad tramline centre pleat. Anyone winning one of these awards will be highly delighted. Learn More
  7. Fleurette Rosette

    1 row of pleat with a fru-fru centre ideal for judges & officials, can also be given for placings & other awards. Learn More
  8. Stanhope Rosette

    One of our most popular rosettes with broad tramlined ribbon on the outside with either gold or silver tramline & a set of metallic ribbon petals in the centre. Learn More
  9. Weardale Rosette

    One of our star turns available in either gold or silver metallic points with gold or silver mesh points in between & superior quality heavy satin ribbon pleated in the centre. Definitely value for money. Learn More
  10. Meadowfield Rosette

    As the name suggests this rosette should be picked with either Black or white petals on the outside with a row of pleat of your choice on the inside. Learn More
  11. Lanchester Rosette

    Two rows of broad pleat with luxury velvet loops & metallic ribbon points. This rosette will make you show, SIMPLY THE BEST. Learn More
  12. Chester Rosette

    A 3 tier rosette with a set of points after the 1st row. This rosette is round as standard but if requested can be done as an oval. Learn More

Showing 13 to 24 of 32 total

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